Sep 16

8 Important Questions To Ask Before Leaving Your Pet At A Dog Boarding Facility

dog boardingWhen you leave your dog at a boarding facility, you need to know he’s in good hands. Here are eight important questions you simply must ask of staff before you bid temporary farewell to Fido:

1. Can you get a tour and walk around freely?

Never leave your pet at a dog boarding facility that won’t show you around. You have a right to see where your dog will be staying and to check things out. While you obviously aren’t going to go snooping in “employee only areas”, you do need to inspect the facility and grounds.

2. How many animals does the kennel accept?

Of course, a popular place should be an indication of a good dog boarding Mississauga business, however, you want to make sure the ratio of employees to animals is acceptable. If the place has too many dogs, some of them may not be cared for properly.

3. Is the property kept really clean?

While nobody likes to clean up after a dog, this is a job that must be done frequently. Ask the staff how often cleaning is done and how thoroughly they disinfect. You certainly don’t want your dog coming home with an illness.

4. Are the animals screened for health issues?

Be prepared to show the pet boarder all of your dog’s paperwork regarding vaccinations. If they don’t require it, don’t leave your dog there. Also, ask if animals are inspected at all prior to entry, for things such as fleas. That isn’t something that would be included on a vaccination record, but it’s something you’d want to avoid nonetheless.

5. How are the different dogs kept track of?

The facility should have a solid system of animal identification in place, for a number of reasons. It’s important for them to give any medications or special foods to the right dog. It’s also important that they know at all times where your dog is and when he will be picked up.

6. Do the animals have a play area?

You don’t want your dog locked up in a cage for the duration of your time away, therefore, a good boarder will have a designated play area. Ask if it’s used by all the dogs (including big, potentially aggressive ones) at the same time and how it’s monitored.

7. Are they regularly exercises?

There’s a difference between socialized play and real exercise; dogs need to be walked a few times a day and need an area large enough to be able to run at will. Such an area and routine should be part of your dog’s daily schedule, which is why it’s so important to check on the number of staff present at any given time.

8. How are emergencies handled?

Just in case, ask the staff what they’d do in some kind of emergency. Make sure they have all your contact info and if possible, a local person who could respond if something went wrong. Ask if staff are trained in basic first aid, too.

While most dog boarders are good, qualified people, some aren’t. Ask these important questions to be sure your beloved pet is in really good hands while you’re away.